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Mercy College 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mercy College 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registered Programs by Campus

Major Concentrations

Most major concentrations are offered at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry (DF). In addition, major concentrations are offered at the branch campuses in the Bronx (BX), Manhattan (MT) and Yorktown Heights (YH), as well as online (DL). All campuses offer the associate degree in arts and in science.

For detailed program information, please see Academic Programs of Study  

Behavioral Science (2201) (DF, BX, YH, MT, DL)

Community Health (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
Gerontology (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
Health Services Management (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)

Biology (0401) (DF)

Biology Education (DF)

Business Administration (0506)

Data Analytics (DF, BX, MT)
Entrepreneurship (DF, BX, MT)
Finance (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
General Business Administration (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
International Business (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
Management (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
Marketing (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)
Sport Management (DF, DL)

Childcare, Certificate (5503) (DF, BX)

Clinical Laboratory Science (1223) (DF)

Communication Disorders (1220) (DF)

Communication Studies (0601) (DF, MT)

Public Relations (0601) (DF, MT)

Computer Information Systems (0702) (DF, BX, DL)

Computer Science (0701) (DF, DL)

Corporate and Homeland Security (2105) (DF, BX, DL)

Corporate and Homeland Security Certificate ( 2105) (DF, BX)

Criminal Justice (2105) (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)

         Forensics (DF)

Criminal Justice Certificate (5505) (DF, BX, YH)

Cybersecurity (0799) (DF, BX, DL)

Cybersecurity B.S. + M.S. (DF, BX, DL)

Design + Animation (1009) (DF)

English (1501) (DF, DL, BX)

Exercise Science (1299.30)

Clinical Track (DF)
Performance Track (DF)

General Accounting (0502)

Computers and Information Systems (DF, BX)
Financial Accounting (DF, BX)
Taxation (DF, BX)

General Accounting I Certificate ( 5002) (DF, BX)

General Accounting II Certificate (5002) (DF, BX)

General Business Administration Certificate (5001) (DF, BX)

Health Science (1299) (DF, BX)

Health Promotion (DF, BX)
Health Pre-OT (DF)
Health Pre-PA (DF, BX)
Health Pre-PT (DF)

Health Services Management Certificate (5299) (DF, BX)

History (2205) (DF, BX, DL, YH)

Interdisciplinary Studies (4901) (DF)

International Relations and Diplomacy (2210) (DF, MT)

Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A./ A.S. (5649.00) (DF, BX, DL, MT, YH)

Liberal Arts and Sciences (4901) (BX, MT)

Legal Studies (0599) (DF, DL)

Paralegal Studies (DF, DL)
Political Science (DF, DL)

Management Accounting (0502) (DF, BX)

Management Accounting Certificate ( 5002) (DF, BX)

Mathematics (1701) (DF, DL)

Media Studies (0699)

Film/Culture (DF)
Journalism (DF)
Radio & Television Production (DF)

Music Production and Recording Arts (1099) (DF)

NursingRN to B.S.— (1203.10) (DF, DL)

NursingTraditional (1203) (DF)

Nursing- Accelerated Second Degree (ASDBS) (1203) (BX)

Occupational Therapy Assistant (5210) (DF)

Organizational Management (0506) (DF, BX, DL, MT, YH)

Psychology (2001) (DF, BX, MT, YH, DL)

Public Accounting (0502) (DF, BX)

Public Accounting B.S. + M.S. (DF, BX)

Public Accounting Certificate (5002) (DF, BX)

Social Work (2104) (DF, BX)

Sociology (2208)

Sociology, B.S. (DF, BX, YH, DL)
Sociology, B.A. (DF, BX, YH)

Spanish (1105) (DF, DL)

Veterinary Technology (0104) (DF)