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Mercy College 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
Mercy College 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registered Programs by Campus

Major Concentrations

Most major concentrations are offered at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry (DF). In addition, major concentrations are offered at the branch campuses in the Bronx (BX) and Manhattan (MT).

For detailed program information, please see Academic Programs of Study   

School of Business

Business Administration, MBA (0506) (DF, BX, MT)
Business Analytics, M.S. (0599) (MT)
Human Resource Management, M.S. (0515) (DF)
Organizational Leadership, M.S. (0506) (DF)
Public Accounting, M.S. (0502) (DF)

School of Education

Alternative Route: School District Leader (Transitional D), M.S. (0899.54) (DF, BX)
Early Childhood: Birth–Grade 2, M.S. (0823) (DF, BX, MT)
Childhood Education, Grades 1–6, M.S. (0802) (DF, BX, MT)
Adolescence Education, M.S. (0803) (DF, BX, MT)
Educational Administration, M.S. (0828) (DF, BX, MT)
Educational Studies, M.S. (0801) (DF, BX, MT)
Educational Supervision, M.S. (0828)(DF, BX, MT)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, M.S. (1508) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Literacy Dual Certification in Birth-6 and Grades, M.S. 5-12 (0830) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Literacy B-6, Advanced Certificate (0830.01)  (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Literacy 5-12, Advanced Certificate (0830.01) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Students with Disabilities in Early Childhood and Childhood, M.S. (0808) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Students with Disabilities, Birth-6 and Early Childhood, M.S. (0808) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist, Advanced Certificate (0808) (DF, BX, MT)
Teaching Students with Disabilities Early Childhood and Childhood, Advanced Certificate (0808) (DF, BX, MT)

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Communication Disorders, M.S. (1220) (DF)
Family Nurse Practitioner, M.S. (1203.10) (DF, BX, DL)
Nursing Administration, M.S. (1203.10) (DF, MT)
Nursing Education, M.S. (1203.10) (DF, MT)
Occupational Therapy, M.S. (1208) (DF)
Physical Therapy, DPT (1212) (DF)
Physician Assistant Studies, M.S. (1299.10) (DF)

School of Liberal Arts

English Literature, M.A. (1502) (DF)
Cybersecurity, M.S. (0799) (DF, BX, MT)
Computer Science, M.S.  (0701) (DF, BX)

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Counseling, M.S. (2104.10) (DF, BX)
Health Services Management, M.S. (1202) (DF)
Health Services Management, MPA (1202) (DF)
Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S. (1305) (DF)
Mental Health Counseling, M.S. (2104.10) (DF, BX)
Psychology, M.S. (2001) (DF, BX)
School Counseling, M.S. (2104.10) (DF, BX)
School Psychology, M.S. (0826.02) (DF, BX)