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Mercy College 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mercy College 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Production and Recording Arts, B.S.

(formerly Music Industry and Technology)

Stephen B. Ward, M.Mus., Program Director

The Music Production and Recording Arts Program is offered in a dedicated recording studio complex exclusively at the Dobbs Ferry campus.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers in the music professions and related media industries with an emphasis on music production, recording engineering, electronic music synthesis and music composition and sound design for visual media. Additional courses in music performance, concert sound and audio system design and installation are offered as electives.

Students are encouraged to take courses in related fields such as game development, animation and video production to expand career possibilities and better understand the industries that employ audio and music specialists.

Admission Requirements

In addition to applying for general admission to the College, prospective students must complete a separate application for formal acceptance to the Music Production & Recording Arts Program. The application should include a portfolio of three items:

  1. A short cellphone video (1-minute long is ideal) showing how the applicant makes music—such as playing an instrument, deejaying, singing, or writing music at the computer
  2. An MP3 of a finished song or other recording that demonstrates the applicant’s musical and/or production abilities.
  3. A detailed written description of the specific tools and techniques the applicant used in creating the song or recording


Please contact Admissions for more information about applying to the program.

General Requirements

  1. Upon admission, students must demonstrate a fundamental understanding of music notation, OR complete MUSI 101 - Elements of Music  in their first semester, before enrolling in the required MUSI 103 - Theory & Musicianship I .
  2. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in any major course for it to apply towards the degree.
  3. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 in all attempted and completed major courses. If the GPA in the major is less than 2.5, the student will be subject to a formal assessment of his/her aptitude for the subject matter and standing in the program and may be dismissed from the major.
  4. Students may be required to repeat or take additional courses to achieve the required GPA.
  5. There is a 24-credit residency requirement for the concentration in Music Production and Recording Arts.
  6. Students should enroll in MUSI 101 , MTEC 101  and MTEC 110 , their first fall semester.
  7. Students may substitute a Major Requirement with an approved advanced Major elective with department approval.

Students pursuing the Bachelors of Science in Music Production and Recording Arts must be able to meet the following requirements to successfully complete the degree.

  1. Possess sufficient dexterity and fine motor skills to effectively connect and operate audio and music technology equipment and associated computer peripherals.
  2. Possess sufficient dexterity and fine motor skills to play chords and scales on a piano keyboard.
  3. Possess sufficient binaural hearing capabilities for critical listening, editing and mixing.
  4. Possess sufficient vision to set-up and operate audio equipment found in a recording studio environment.

Bachelor of Science

General Education Requirements 60 credits
Major Concentration 60 credits
Total 120 credits

Students must complete the following:

The Music Production and Recording Arts Minor

Students who choose to minor in Music Production & Recording Arts can complete it with 15 credits in any major courses (prefix MTEC, as well as MUSI 103 , MUSI 104 MUSI 201  and/or MUSI 203 ).

There are two recommended tracks that each offer meaningful skills in a specific area of the discipline. Each of these tracks can be completed over five consecutive semesters.

1. Music Production Track:

2. Recording Arts Track: