Apr 23, 2024  
Mercy University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mercy University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

CNR Teach Out Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program, B.S

Deborah Hunt, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Nursing

Susan Wilson, ANP, RN, Executive Director, Bronx campus


This program is exclusively for and limited to continuing College of New Rochelle students as part of a teach out plan filed by The College of New Rochelle and approved by the New York State Education Department and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This program cannot accept new students and the teach out of this program will be terminated as of March 1, 2023.

Note: All CNR Teach-Out students must adhere to the Academic Regulations, Policies, and Procedures of Mercy University. Please see the Academic Regulations and Procedures and Student Policies    section of this catalog for more information.

Bachelor of Science in Accelerated Second Degree Nursing

Prerequisite Courses
(A&P I,/Lab, A&P II/ Lab, Gen Chem/Lab, Psych, Stats,
Micro/Lab, Developmental Psych, Nutrition)
25 credits
General Education 36 credits
Nursing Program 64 credits
Total  125 credits


Total Nursing Program Credits: 64

Progression Criteria

Once accepted as a B.S. Nursing major, students are required to achieve a ‘B-’ or better in all clinical nursing courses and a grade of ‘C’ in prerequisite science courses and maintain an overall GPA as follows for non-nursing courses: 

First Year GPA 2.2 or above
Second Year GPA 2.4 or above
Third Year GPA 2.4 or above
Fourth Year GPA 2.4 or above
Nursing Courses GPA must be at a 2.67 or higher

Students will not progress to the next level of the program if they do not meet the above criteria.