May 26, 2024  
Mercy University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mercy University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Business Administration, B.S. and M.B.A.

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Abdel-Kader Ben-Mohamed, Ph.D., Chair


Students can earn a B.S. in Business Administration in any specialization and a MBA (B.S./MBA program) in as little as five years of full-time study. The B.S./MBA Program is competitive and specially designed for highly motivated students. Students who are admitted into the program must meet with the Undergraduate Business Administration Chair or their PACT Mentor prior to enrolling in courses since the program requires a prescribed course sequencing to complete the program in five years. 

The program accepts students at any stage of their undergraduate studies. Enrolled students follow a specific curriculum, and graduate at the end of the summer term of the fourth year with a B.S. in Business Administration degree. Thereafter, students earn an MBA degree after completing one additional year of prescribed graduate course work. Twelve graduate credits (four core courses) in the MBA program count toward both the B.S. Business Administration and MBA degrees. 

Progression Requirements for the Graduate Portion of the Program: 

In the fall of their fourth undergraduate year, students in the B.S./M.B.A. program will be evaluated by the Graduate and Undergraduate Business Administration Chairs for a review of their continued qualifications and progression to the MBA portion of the program. Students must have a 3.0 overall and major GPA to progress to the MBA program in the spring quarter term of the fourth year. For those students who do not meet the GPA requirement, their major will be changed to the B.S. Business Administration and they will complete 12 credits of undergraduate open electives in the spring semester of the fourth year. The BS Business Administration degree will be conferred upon completion of the undergraduate degree requirements.

Bachelor of Science

General Liberal Arts and Sciences  
General Education Requirements 60 credits
Core and Specialization  
Business Administration Core 30 credits
Specialization 18 credits
Open Electives 12 credits
Total 120 credits

*ECON 125 , ECON 220 , ECON 221 , and ECON 230 , MATH 116  and MATH 120 /CISC 120  or MATH 131 /CISC 131  are Prerequisites for the major and must be used to fulfill general education requirements.


There is a 15-credit residency requirement in the major, which must be satisfied by Business courses numbered 295 or above, or Accounting courses numbered 240 or above.

  • 15 credits in one of the following specializations: Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management. 
  • And 

  • (senior-level capstone course — mandatory).

Open Electives

  • Any four courses​

Students admitted to the MBA portion of the B.S./MBA program will take four MBA courses in the spring and summer of their fourth year. These four courses will count toward the completion of both the B.S. and MBA degrees. 

Students who are not admitted to the MBA portion of the B.S./MBA program will take any four undergraduate open elective courses to complete the B.S. in Business Administration in any specialization.

Graduate Courses

Students who are enrolled in the MBA portion of the B.S./MBA program must complete the following graduate courses:

  • MBAA 501- Financial Accounting (counts for both B.S. and MBA degrees)
  • MBAA 502 - Corporate Finance (counts for both B.S. and MBA degrees)
  • MBAA 507 - Intro to Quantitative Analysis (counts for both B.S. and MBA degrees)
  • MBAA 601 - Quantitative Methods in Business Research (counts for both B.S. and MBA degrees)
  • MBAA 602 - Managerial Economics
  • MBAA 604- Operations Management  ​Or
  • ACCT 742- Financial Statement Analysis  Or 
  • HLCR 720- Financial Management of Healthcare Institutions

    Four concentration courses
  • MBAA 810- Capstone Seminar I Or MBAA 815- Capstone Case Analysis I
  • MBAA 811- Capstone Seminar II Or MBAA 816- Capstone Case Analysis II

(Please see the Graduate catalog for course descriptions)

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